ATLAS of Carmichael Truth Love and Self Control

What is ATLAS?

ATLAS of Carmichael is a community-based nonprofit that exists to help hurting and struggling individuals in the Carmichael region. Our purpose is to help hurting people by offering tangible assistance, unconditional love, and the opportunity to find God through their struggles. The mission of ATLAS has three key components: Help the Hurting, Equip Followers of Jesus, and Unite the Community.

Help the Hurting

Equip Followers of Jesus

Unite the Community

Who does ATLAS serve?

Anyone who…

How is ATLAS different from other benevolent ministries/nonprofits?

In one word…relationship. The core principle of ATLAS is developing relationships--with hurting people, with the community, and with other organizations. The ATLAS model emphasizes mentoring because Jesus demonstrated the importance of living in community and relationship with others. Jesus willingly took time to invest into the lives of those in need. Likewise, ATLAS is designed to walk long-term with people and families, offering more than a quick fix.

Why get involved?

There are many in the Christian community who see or know people who are struggling with life controlling issues such as finances, emotional hurts, substance abuse, and loneliness. Many Christians want to help but don’t know how. Others are afraid to help and have valid concerns. What’s the best way to come alongside hurting people? How do we deal with cultural differences? How do we help without creating dependence? How do we best allocate limited resources? ATLAS of Carmichael offers a missional, holistic response to the hurting in our community. We believe that God has called us to raise a critical mass of Christ followers to serve and walk alongside hurting people and families here in the Carmichael region. We believe that it’s the mission of the local church to love the hurting and marginalized in its community. As ATLAS partners with local churches and Christians get involved, this mission is realized.

How do I get involved?

There are several ways in which ATLAS of Carmichael invites you to participate: mentoring, prayer, and financial giving. Please consider one or all of the following: